Combat Gems


Clicker Clans

Cast spells, wield powerful magic weapons and slay hordes of fierce monsters in this MMO clicker game!

Why click alone? Chat, coordinate and destroy your enemies in this fantasy clicker game. How deep into the dungeon can you get in 24 hours? Join a guild and do raids, earn achievements and get world firsts. Enjoy the game with as little or as much participation as you want.

  • Multiplayer Clicker RPG game. Supports thousands of players at once.
  • Kill monsters and keep your group healed. Real time chat allows coordination between teammates.
  • Contribute even when you aren't around. You will still be doing damage and earning rewards.
  • How far can your group go in 24 hours? Leaderboards show who the strongest are.
  • Earn and display achievements so everyone will see how uber you are.
  • Make friends and form guilds. The heart of Clicker Clans is a social experience.
  • Up for a challenge? Tackle dungeons and raids with your friends and reap the biggest rewards.
  • Pick your skills and spells. Build your hero however you want to.

Expected Feb 16
PC / Mac / iOS / Android

Combat Gems

Combat Gems is coming soon.

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